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SmartCheck es un sistema de medición online compacto, innovador y modular que sirve para monitorizar permanentemente y de forma descentralizada las máquinas y los procesos. Se puede usar en grupos para los que, hasta ahora, una monitorización de este tipo había sido demasiado costosa.

SmartCheck es adecuado, por ejemplo, para detectar con antelación los daños en los rodamientos y los errores de equilibrado y alineación en:

  • Motores eléctricos y motores reductores
  • Bombas de vacío y de líquidos
  • Ventiladores
  • Engranajes y compresores
  • Husillos y máquinas-herramienta

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Schaeffler SmartCheck

¡Preconfigurado y adaptable individualmente!

Por un lado, el sistema se puede adaptar individualmente y, por otro, ampliarse con sensores. Para la monitorización se encuentran disponibles modelos de parámetros predefinidos. Para emplear los modelos de parámetros se puede consultar la base de datos de rodamientos integrada. Los asistentes permiten adaptar los modelos fácilmente a las tareas de monitorización específicas.

Si el cliente lo solicita, el Schaeffler crea modelos de parámetros específicos del cliente y los pone a disposición del usuario.

¡Ajuste preciso y ampliación flexible!

Benefíciese de nuestro servicio completo que abarca todos los aspectos del diagnóstico de maquinaria. Ofrecemos un servicio completo: asesoramiento, puesta en servicio, servicio remoto, formaciones, soluciones para rodamientos y mucho más.

Schaeffler SmartCheck
Schaeffler SmartCheck Industry 4.0

Conectado con la Industria 4.0 via Condition Monitoring

Los sensores inteligentes y los rodamientos pueden utilizarse para registrar valores clave importantes para una máquina o sistema y comunicar éstos con el sistema de control. La monitorización independiente de maquinaria permite automatizar secuencias y detectar desviaciones de la situación indicada con antelación.

Gracias a la monitorización de la condición, puede beneficiarse del conocimiento del estado de sus máquinas y sistemas de forma permanente. Como operador, recibirá continuamente información de sisobre si su sistema está funcionando de forma óptima.

Soluciones 4.0 para aplicaciones industriales

Service & Support


En nuestro centro de servicio ponemos a su disposición toda la información relevante y respondemos a las preguntas que tenga en torno a SmartCheck. Nuestra información de servicio abarca los ejemplos de aplicación más importantes de SmartCheck, vídeos explicativos, material informativo, así como instrucciones para facilitar la instalación y uso.


General Information

Can I operate SmartCheck with any PoE enabled switch?
No, SmartCheck can only be operated with PoE switches which support the PoE standard 802.3af Mode A.

What fieldbus and ethernet protocols are supported by SmartCheck?
Fieldbus: SLMP Protocol (Mitsubishi Controller)
Ethernet: TCP/IP, webservices.

What are the ideal machines for monitoring?
Constant speed motors, pumps, fans.

Why can I not connect to my SmartCheck?
This is generally due to the PC settings. SmartCheck has a standard IP address of Contact your IT systems administrator or our free support service at support.is@schaeffler.com.

Is it vital that I update my SmartCheck if it is in long-term use?
Every new software version contains small bug fixes and new general information. If we regard an update as compulsory, this is noted in the update information.

How do I communicate with SmartCheck?
Via the ethernet using TCP/IP. The only requirement is an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox).

How is the system powered?
24V DC power or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

What does it allow me to monitor?
Components such as rolling bearings, clutches, belts, gears. But also variations in temperature, imbalances, impacts, processes and a great deal more.

Why is the speed not available in the evaluation (SmartUtilityViewer) even though it is measured?
The speed can be made available by configuring the speed signal as a parameter in SmartWeb. It is then possible to display the trend and to set the limit thresholds and relevant alarms.

99% of pumps are driven by a frequency converter so the speeds can vary during operation. Is this a restriction?
No, this is not a restriction. In order to ensure reliable monitoring, the speed must be available to SmartCheck as an additional signal.

What happens if there is a power outage?
SmartCheck saves the last timestamp and starts with this data when power is reinstated. The date and time have to be entered manually in the event of longer interruptions.

What equipment do I need for an initial pilot project?
We recommend the SmartCheck Starter Kit. Available from a Schaeffler sales partner near you, see www.schaeffler.de/en/salespartner.

Where are the current firmware updates? What are the benefits of these?
Every new software version contains small bug fixes and new general information. If we regard an update as compulsory, this is noted in the update information. The firmware can be downloaded free of charge.

Is a free demo-system available?
Please contact a Schaeffler sales partner near you, see www.schaeffler.de/en/salespartner.

Can I expand the integrated bearing database in SmartCheck?
Any rolling or ball bearing from any manufacturer can be added and monitored.


What do I need to power SmartCheck using Power over Ethernet (PoE)?
A PoE enabled end device, e.g. a switch. PoE describes providing an additional electrical supply to devices using Cat5 ethernet cabling. (Standard: 802.3af (Mode A))

Can the system be connected to controls?
Yes, to any control using analog and digital inputs/outputs and the “Web Services” protocol as well as to Mitsubishi Controllers (L,Q, FX5) using the SLMP protocol.

Where does SmartCheck have to be mounted?
As close as possible to the component being monitored. Schaeffler experts can give you specific advice for your application. If you need support, just contact us at support.is@schaeffler.com.

Can I install the sensor on multiple applications?
The system should basically remain where it is installed. Our portfolio includes the Service Kit for special cases. This allows, for example, troubleshooting by the end user or regular measurements on different units as part of after-sales service.


Do the M12 plug connectors on SmartCheck have a special coding?
No, they are standard M12 plug connectors. The M12 ethernet cable has a D coding.

Is SmartCheck available in an EX version?

How do I send speed signals to SmartCheck?
Via one of the two analog IN, the digital IN, or via ethernet using web services or via SmartController.


Is it possible for different users to access a single SmartCheck from two different PCs at the same time via an internet browser?
No, it is not possible to access a single SmartCheck (SmartWeb) from two different PCs at the same time via an internet browser.

Can configurations be copied between SmartCheck units?
Yes, by using SmartUtility.

Can I download measured data from SmartCheck?
Yes, this can be done via either SmartWeb or SmartUtility.

At what point does data start to thin out?
If there is less than 5 MB of free memory on the data partition, the system starts to thin out the database.

The browser cannot open SmartCheck.
The proxy settings in the browser’s internet settings must be set to ‘automatic’ or ‘none’. Check the SmartCheck IP address.

Can SmartUtility software be installed on more than one computer?
No, this is a single-user license. A further license is required to install the software on another computer.

Is it possible to download data or configurations from SmartCheck using SmartUtility Light?
Data can be downloaded using SmartUtility Light but configurations cannot be downloaded or sent. The chargeable version SmartUtility is required for this.

What user rights are required to install SmartUtility and SmartUtility Light software on a computer?
Local administrator rights to the computer are required to install these software packages.

Is it possible to switch the analysis between Hz and powers?
Yes, the frequency axis for the spectrum can be displayed in powers.

How can I save configurations?
SmartUtility software is required for this.

How can I analyze the data?
SmartWeb includes a basic viewer. SmartUtility provides a professional viewer.

Do I have to purchase the software on an individual basis?
The software on the system, SmartWeb and SmartUtility Light, are included in the scope of supply. SmartUtility is a separate purchase.

Configuration and Measurement Data

What is the minimum speed at which bearings can be monitored with SmartCheck?
48 revolutions per minute. In certain applications and special configurations, units can also be monitored at lower speeds. Experts must be consulted in these instances. If you need support, contact us at support.is@schaeffler.com.

How long does SmartCheck’s memory last?
This is enormously dependent on the number of configurations and the memory settings.

Is it possible to send an SMS or email directly from SmartCheck?
No, that is not currently an option.

How many different configurations can be stored on a SmartCheck?
There is no limit. However, the configurations have an effect on the speed and the available memory. We recommend the number of configurations is restricted to no more than 10.

What is the minimum interval between two stored trend values?
The minimum storage interval between two trend values (setting for always save) is approximately 30 seconds.

Within what speed range can SmartCheck operate?
Typically between 50 and 15,000 rpm.

How long does SmartCheck store measured data?
The system has an intelligent compression algorithm. If the memory is full, the system automatically starts to compress historical data in an intelligent manner. Relevant historical data are not lost.

Does every type of bearing need its own measurement?
No. Changes in all fitted rolling bearing supports can be monitored with the preset basic measuring settings.

How are the results or status displayed?
On SmartCheck itself, and with SmartWeb, SmartLamp or SmartVisual.

Alarm and Teach Mode

Where are the results from the teach mode recorded?
The alarm thresholds established in teach mode are recorded in the log book with an appropriate message and with the relevant parameters.

How long does SmartCheck’s teach mode last?
This depends on the monitoring tasks configured for the system. As delivered, the teach mode lasts approximately 9 hours.

Is it possible to display the SmartCheck alarm status?
Yes, the two outputs can be configured in SmartWeb.

How are the alarms generalized?
The system has preset alarm thresholds or these are learned when the user activates the teach mode. After this, the system automatically issues an alert if there are changes in the trend curve. There are pre-alarms and main alarms.

How do I set the alarm values?
Manufacturer’s preset alarm values can be set on SmartWeb by entering the values or by drag and drop. Or just use the teach mode.

How do I know what the alarm thresholds are?
Some machine manufacturers specify the threshold values. For all other cases, just use the SmartCheck automatic teach mode.


SmartCheck is an e-F@ctory partner product.

Mediante la alianza e-F@ctory Mitsubishi Electric Europa se ha asociado con empresas socias líderes reconocidas en el mercado y la tecnología dentro de sus campos de trabajo. Mitsubishi Electric oferta en colaboración con Schaeffler un enfoque integral para la evaluación del estado de las instalaciones mediante FAG SmartCheck.

Como el dispositivo puede monitorizar tanto parámetros clásicos como basados en vibraciones, ofrece ya hoy gran cantidad de posibilidades que serán imprescindibles en la monitorización de máquinas del futuro. Esto tiene como consecuencia un aumento de valor óptimo en todos los campos.

Los datos pueden transmitirse de forma automática mediante la plataforma iQ y Ethernet a varios niveles de información.

Mitsubishi Electric oferta en colaboración con Schaeffler un enfoque integral para la evaluación del estado de las instalaciones. Los datos pueden transmitirse de forma automática mediante la plataforma iQ y Ethernet a varios niveles de información.

SmartCheck hacia la Industry 4.0

Como socio de Mitsubishi Electric Europa en la alianza e-F@ctory, Schaeffler ha dado un paso orientado al futuro hacia Industrie 4.0. El papel principal lo desempeña FAG SmartCheck. El sensor de vibración compacto se ha demostrado su valía desde su introducción en 2011 y ha sido sometido a un desarrollo continuo.

En estos momentos FAG SmartCheck es una de las pocas soluciones del mercado, aptas para emplearse como dispositivo de monitorización independiente en grupos pequeños y redundantes y como parte de conceptos integrados como, por ejemplo, una supervisión completa. Con la alianza e-F@ctory de Mitsubishi Electric Europa, Schaeffler ha encontrado un socio que le facilita el acceso a controles de automatización y sistemas de técnica de control de procesos industriales y que, además, persigue los mismos objetivos que Schaeffler para sus clientes: reducir los costes totales de la producción y el mantenimiento y aumentar la productividad.

Mediante la alianza e-F@ctory Mitsubishi Electric Europa se asocia con empresas socias líderes reconocidas en el mercado y la tecnología dentro de sus campos de trabajo. Juntos ofrecen a sus clientes siempre la mejor solución completa para el correspondiente proyecto de automatización.

e-F@ctory Alliance

Schaeffler SmartCheck e-F@ctory partner product

SmartCheck es partner de EPLAN Data Portal

El EPLAN Data Portal es una plataforma de datos integrada y basada en web para el suministro de datos de dispositivos de fabricantes de componentes líderes compatibles con EPLAN para el uso directo en las soluciones de software de EPLAN.

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